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Jamie Oliver's One-Pan Wonders - Channel 4

As our last job of 2021 continuing into our first job of 2022, building was flat-out up to the winter holidays for Jamie Oliver's set. This was quite a complex build due to the level of detail required plus some new additions put forward while on set. It entailed lots of panelling, prefabricated cabinets, cladding the counter top with zinc and giving it an aged finish, and lots of scenic work for the external garden set.

We thankfully managed to repurpose some elements for the build. The french doors were altered for a narrower fit, while the windows and fireplace surround were made and used on past set builds.

Prefabrication: London

Installation: Essex

Series Producer: Katie Millard

Director: Ed St Giles

Production Designer: Kate Laverty

Art Director: David Weare

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