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Printworks, London

The Asics Blackout Track was used as the global launch event for their new running shoe the Gel Kayano 25.  Working with experiential agency Unit9, we transformed a former newspaper printing factory into a completely immersive running track. The Blackout concept was developed with sports scientists to remove all forms of external distraction to allow athletes to completely focus their minds and bodies.

We were responsible for fabrication and installation of  every element of the event, including the 150m running track. On arrival, athletes and guests were guided through a corridor of light walls towards a product room, which we had constructed from multi faceted meshes inspired by the Kayano 25. They were then scanned with a giant X-ray machine before entering into the track arena which was submerged in darkness.  We fabricated 32 custom units to house motion sensors, lights and speakers that could be programmed to create a continuous light and sound source that would follow the athlete as they ran on the track. We constructed a separate spectator gallery and installed screens to display live streaming and thermal image technology directly from the track. 


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